blog reboot

Welcome to version 4.0 of my Planet Gorik blog. I’ve lost count over the years, so it could be version 3.0 or 5.0.

After some digital archaeology, I discovered that I had a version of this blog in 2016 according to the Wayback Machine. However, this might not be the earliest version.

screenshot of my blog in 2016

My Twitter account, now X, dates back to 2007. Though its history only goes back to 2021, I found evidence of an earlier tweet about another blog post of mine, regarding my new car, through the Wayback Machine.

Digging further, I found a post from 2004, which states “it’s been a while since my last post”. The archives don’t go back earlier than March 2004, but the copyright at the bottom of the page reads 2003-2004, suggesting that this blog began in 2003.

blog post from 20 years ago

Now, more than 20 years later, I’m rebooting my blog to express my excitement about the latest convergence in technologies.

Even though blogs aren’t as popular as they once were, I still find valuable information through them, in addition to podcasts and YouTube videos. However, I don’t envision myself creating audio or video content, so I’ll stick to writing.